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Monday, 20 April 2009

Monday Night at the Piranha Nightclub - BRENT EVERETT again!

Yes, it's true, Brent is appearing LIVE for a second night tonight at Las Vegas' Piranha Night Club. Back by popular demand! Come and party with him after midnight and stick around for the performance at 1:30 a.m.

Here are a couple of pictures from our Las Vegas visit, tough to look at for all those of you living in areas of the world where spring hasn't really sprung or where fall is just around the corner. :-)


stoonguys@hotmail.com said...

Hey Brett... I read that you grew up in Sask. Just curious where you grew up and all. I'm from Saskatoon and just recently found your movies. Hot stuff and good to know that a prairie boy can make it big in the world of porn ha ha.

Anonymous said...

Hi brent that's loic !
how are you?
you're in a very nice place.
Always waiting you in france :p
And Steve? don't see news of him on the blog?
kiss you two guys

scotty f said...

las vegas is wicked. i live in toronto, but my rents got a place down there, so i go often.

whens pride there?

also, you need to post work out tips on here. ur body is ridic, i need some help to get the definition you do!

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