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Friday, 24 April 2009

Just in time for Earth Week!

Here's a little video that my friend George shot up in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, last week-end just in time for Earth Week. The deer showed up in his front yard just at the edge of the driveway and then moved over to his next door neighbour's and then across the street. There were four of them, count'em. I thought they were so cute I asked George if I could share the video with you all. What do you think?
- Brent


CHRISMAC said...

I have a question for you. When are you comming to Mexico? i would like to see Brent Everett in a show...or if you have dates in july or august 2009, in California?

Anonymous said...

nice vid ! the deers look so peaceful ..I love the song too !

Anonymous said...

That was awesome man! Here in Argentina we don't have deers, well maybe in a zoo

Francotranceboy said...

what a stunning video? awesome..thanks brent for sharing it with me.

Anonymous said...


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