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Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Estelle Performed LIVE @ Planet Hollywood's Prive-Las Vegas

Grammy-nominated British R&B songstress Estelle performed live at Prive inside Planet Hollywood. See her "American Boy?" Video Below:
Not only did we see her LIVE but we got to meet her and hang with her if only for a little bit. Thank you Johnny Bacon and the Manager of Estelle for making it happen!

Las Vegas was Awesome! Piranha night club totally was off the hook and so were the staff and crew.

The boys of Jubilee hung out with us too after their show and gave us the grand tour. If you've never seen Jubilee, go see it. Not only do you see lots of boobs, but great Asses from the boys in thongs! Oh and they are soo HOT. Thank you again John & Robert for taking care of us!

Looks like we will be in VEGAS again for Las Vegas PRide 2009. We're in the planning stages, but looks like 3 days of fun in the HOT sun and parade as well. Check back for more info and see you today for the LIVE Strip Bingo!!

Brent Everett


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