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Thursday, 12 February 2009

Winner of the 2009 Cybersocket Award for Best LIVE XXX Show!

Brent Everett wins the Cybersocket Award for BEST LIVE XXX SHOW

First off, let me begin by saying I'm the happiest guy in the world. I'm honored and grateful for this award. I couldn't have had this award without YOU! Your love, support, motivation and loyalty allowed me to get this award. I love doing what I do and will continue to give you guys the best I can.

I also want to give thanks:
To my family (esp. my Mom, Dad & Bro) for all their love & support in everything I do no matter what!
To my webmaster & confidant George Wolf. I couldn't do this without you! Also to everyone else at BrentEverett.com for all their talent & hard work.
Lastly, to my husband & partner Steve Pena and all his love, dedication, hardwork, advice and support through everything! I LOVE YOU!
& thank you Cybersocket for the awesome Award!

What was the cherry on top was I got this award on my birthday so it was the best birthday present ever!

Brent Everett

By G. Zisk Rice
WEST HOLLYWOOD, Calif. - Monday's 9th Annual Cybersocket Web Awards gala at Eleven Restaurant & Nightclub was a star-studded affair.

Chi Chi LaRue hosted with Blake Riley and Johnny Hazzard acting as trophy boys, Tim Valenti and Sister Roma taped the red carpet for The Tim & Roma Show, and A-listers Lucas Kazan, Cody Cummings, Steven Scarborough, Trevor Knight, Steve Cruz, Jasons Hawke and Sechrest, Collin O'Neal, Brent Everett were among the partiers.

Pistol Media and GunzBlazing.com founder and gay adult video director Brian Randall received the Business Person of the Year award during. Winners in 36 other categories, determined by both consumers and the adult industry, included Best Adult Blog QueerClick.com, Best Original Content Site RandyBlue.com, Best Video Company Sites HotHouse.com and Channel1Releasing.com and Best New Adult Site RocketTube.com.


Borderboys said...

Now this makes me real happy. As a long time fan and subscriber you definitely deserve to win this every year.

What a nice birthday present for you, eh?

Did you see I did a birthday post for you?

BW said...

congratulations on well deserved recognition for their talent and work, thanks for everything that gives us, I'm from Brazil and its does, congratulations, beto w.


Carlos said...

You deserve it...
Much love for you and steve from Spain ^^

Harry said...

Congratulations. If someone earned the price, then you..greetings Harry

Marcos said...

I'm from Spain (Malaga) and i love your job, you're the best pornstar gay for me, i see your web all days, kisses

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