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Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Video from Fan (Picture Video)


Deyvid Cavazzonni said...

Loveee Loveee, my darling ♥
The first time I saw her was a video in 2005,
since I myself delighting in his work,
you are to me the best actor there is porn in the world!
I am Brazilian, I have 18 years, more or less white, high,
saw the photos of their wedding, I thought, wow, the man who most exciting in the world is changing me by another [laughs]. But you Brent is very happy
and that in spite of everything God continue bless you and forgive you.
I feel very happy and excited seeing your videos, your photos, your taste for things, his personality is incredible!
Please answer me this comment: cidadevisky@gmail.com
I'll be happy too! ;)

Borderboys said...

Even though it spams at the end I am glad the person who put this together focused mostly on your face- not that the rest of you isn't hot but you just have such a beautiful face...it's hhard to stop looking at you :)

Anonymous said...

Man, your body is beautiful. Your personallity is even more beautiful. Brant

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