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Monday, 9 February 2009

Today's Webcam is postponed :-(

I'm sorry, guys, but as you've noticed the website still isn't available, and today's live webcam is only about an hour away. So I'm going to have to pull the plug for now. I promise I'll post a new date as soon as I can, hopefully only a few days from now.

There's also a new edited webcam show ready to be uploaded as soon as the site is back. It's my show from the Cayman Islands from last December. If you were there, you'll remember how iffy the internet connection was and that I didn't have sound. Well, the recorded version has sun and sand and sound. Thanks for your patience during the past few days, I'll be back soon.

- Brent


Anonymous said...

Brent the site is back up but the live cam link is not ready yet. Thanks for your post. Also do you choose the verification words on your website? They always seem funny.Cheers!

noki said...

hello my name is nolan joined me 06 77 36 97 95 or nokidu56@hotmail.fr

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