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Saturday, 28 February 2009

Joe Jonas and his famous tight jeans!

Check out the bulges boys!


Borderboys San Diego said...

my gaydar says that he is the gay Jonas brother...although I would rather do Nick...I like his curly hair better.

Anonymous said...

see i am trying not to be attracted to this boi but steve and brent you are making it "hard" ! darryl

Baxter's Briefs said...


Anonymous said...

The third picture from the top is Jack White not Joe Jonas.

Bob said...

I love it

Justin said...

I think all 3 Jonas Brothers are gay, I don't care if Kevin is married

Curtis said...

Joe Jonas is so HOT! He is the hottest one. I wish he would pose nude in Freshmen or Playgirl. That would be a top selling mag record ever! I would love to suck him off on stage while the audience watched!

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