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Thursday, 19 February 2009

I'm forced to postpone the webcam show one more time

I have to apologize to you all once more, but I have to postpone Friday's webcam show again. My programmers have been checking scripts and coding all day and I've been testing the software together with the videochat hosting company, but we haven't been able to resolve all the issues between the two servers reliably. So rather than give you a definite date now, I want to be sure that everything is working properly before I commit myself and you to a new date.

I know this is very frustrating for you, it is also for me, believe me - I hate to disappoint anyone. So, check back here and on the website from time to time. I'll post a new date the minute we're sure everything is working. Sometimes I really hate computers! Argh...

- Brent


OrLaN X said...

PLeaSe Come To MExicOO..!!
sTaRt a Promo HeRe..!!
Come To PuebLA..!!



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