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Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Hollywood Hotties: Taylor Lautner Shirtless VIDEO


Loïc said...

hi brent & steve how are you?! long time no see! so I hope that you 're always so happy together .
I hope a litle answer of you if you remeber me (I hope so!!!)
bye you two . kiss

Loïc said...


Brent Everett said...

Hi loic, great hearing from you!!! We haven't heard from you in a while. Right now Steve and I are good and well. Just working on getting the live video ready. It's been a hold up and it's very frustrating. I hope to have a Live show soon. I'll let you and everyone know when it's ready.

Anonymous said...

brent caleb cater
has died
h was turk mlerose
he was also in porn

Loïc said...

ah damn! take of you before of your live . I think everybody could understand the emergency of your trouble.
yes i can't have give some news since november I think .
I'm always in the gay paris.
but i will try to come often on your blog. (I hope this comment will be comprehensible :) )
take care of you ! ee you soon. bye!

Anonymous said...

he is a cutie but he has nothing on Brentt ! xoxo darry

Borderboys San Diego said...

Invite Taylor over for a cam show LOL...he is hot but not quite as wonderful as you Brent. Try not to stress out on things you cannot control (like hold ups in vid production). We, you fans, will wait patiently because you are always true to your word and we know that!

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