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Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Hollywood Hotties: Taylor Lautner (Video)


Chris said...

Brent - i think im probably your biggest fan and the first time i saw taylor i thought of you. you guys are like twins.
i've never even been a big porn fan, but i LOVE LOVE LOVE your stuff.

too bad your not in cali. haha

Brent Everett said...

Chris, I am in Cali:-) San diego/LA

Chris said...

ahaha...seriously? im in LA.
it's such a small bubble, seems i would bump into you by now. how's steve? i think it's awesome you've been able to have a stable relationship at your age. my bf and i are 25 and 26 and just celebrated our 6 yr anniversary. we don't meet too many other couples our age.
ha..he's the one that introduced me to your stuff. yours is the only stuff i watch.
now that i know your in a drives distance..im going to have to start the search for you. lol

Brent Everett said...

Congrats on your successful relationship! That's awesome. We come to LA every so often. We'll be having events there and here in SD soon. Come and check it out. Would love to meet you two.

Chris said...

seriously? i would freak! that'd be awesome what events here in LA?
i work a lot and trying to start my own company so i usually suck at keeping up with whats going on...especially weekdays.
but it would be awesome to meet you. we're just small town guys from tennessee and north carolina.

Anonymous said...

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