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Saturday, 28 February 2009

Cristiano Ronaldo's White WET Undies

His ass is just Amazing! OMG. I hope the crotch pics from this set come out soon!


Borderboys San Diego said...

Nice ass but still not as wonderful as you Brent!! If you get a chance check out my post today and comment if you like...the bit about diva boys in porn who disrupt shoots.

It would be great to have your two cents since you have always been, from what I hear, a great person to work with and a guy who is a sucess because you never got too full of yourself.

I am sure your other fans here would agree that one reason we stick around and get subscriptions is because of the way you deal with fans and the way you never make yourself seem better then anyone else in the industry...posts like this one are proof of that.

So yeah he has a hot ass but you have a hot everything Brent :)

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