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Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Cayman Island Recap

On the way to Stingray City in George Town, Cayman Islands
Steve's shirt that just fit the day 
Me soaking in the sun
My mom, brother, me, steve and friends
My brother Josh
smoking a cuban 
when 1 is never enough

Xmas in the Caymans

Snorkeling in our backyard
My mom & dad:)
checking out the butterfly farm
This moth just came out of it's cocoon 


Anonymous said...

Its rly nice to see that your family accepts you nicely, i dont think my family would accept me if i tell them im gay. =/

Sami Douba said...

Pic 11: I love a barefoot guy in shorts. Especially when his feet and calves are as sexy as yours! YOU HAVE THE BEST ASS IN PORN!

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