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Friday, 30 January 2009

Steve & the Stingray

We had a chance to touch and give the stingray's from Stingray city a kiss for 7 years good luck.  Steve was the first from the entire group to be brave enough to go first.  I went second:-)  lol.  Here are a few vidcaps from the video we'll have up sometime today or tomorrow.  

Steve going head to head with the stingray.  it's he brave!

Steve getting a massage from the Stingray

Kissing it... Is that tongue too?

I'm so happy in this pic

Looks like fun...  It's not cooperating from the looks of it.

Steve holding the stingray with both his arms.


Guillaume said...

Wonderful pics Brent ! Landscape is great... But the nicest to see is the happyness of all your family and your couple.

It's so cutie... Long way for you and Steve you do a perfect couple !

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