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Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Random Funny Stuff: Hairspray Can up girls BUM

'I tripped and fell ... honest'


Published: 07 Jan 2009

SHOCKED surgeons were forced to use their imagination after operating on woman with a huge can of hairspray stuck in her bum.

Mirela Gradinaru, 37, arrived at the clinic in Arad, western Romania, in agony, begging docs to help.

But she refused to tell surgeons how the can came to be lodged in her rear even after a successful operation dislodged the canister.

‘ This was not just a little can of deodorant, this was a massive can of hairspray ’

Mirandolina Prisca, a doctor at the clinic, explained: "We had X-rays done to localise the object and then we carried out the operation. The patient was fine after it.

"She was very embarrassed. She was clearly in a lot of pain, however it got there."

"This was not just a little can of deodorant, this was a massive can of hairspray," said one hospital worker.

And perhaps unsurprisingly the docs never got to the bottom of this medical mystery!


HardMannFD said...

Totally and unbelievably amazing, I must say. This woman gets a serious "wow."

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