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Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Happy New Year, Guys

We've been adjusting to finally being at home and recovering from NYC. The Cayman Islands and New York were amazing. I have lots of pictures, video and stories. I'll get to posting some of them really soon. We have so much to do it's crazy. Thanks for everything, guys. Last year was amazing and this year will be even better. Stay tuned.

Here's a first picture from Grand Cayman. My parents, my Steve, and my little brother Brad. OK, OK, so he's not so little! :-)

- Brent


Eric, always your N°1 french fan! said...

hello Brent!

Your father has lost his moustache?? Happy New year again and a big french kiss for you!

Justin in Vega$$$ said...

So...does your family know what you do? I assume so... How do they feel?

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