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Friday, 30 January 2009

Brent Everett Strip BINGO this Saturday

Join in on the fun this Saturday for my Strip Bingo Show. Some things you need to know. If you have a bingo card, just use that one. You won't need a new one. If this is your first time playing, email steve@brenteverett.com or here for a BINGO card. Put "BINGO" in the subject line.  Deadline is midnight tonight to get a bingo card for tomorrow game.  

Some cool stuff. Have a bottle of liquor next to you while you play along for bingo. Every time we land on "O" in BINGO we all have to take a shot of our liquor. It can be mixed into something that tastes good. Usually we have cosmopolitan shots. Also, come with a fun attitude. we pull out all the stops and make it cheesy and fun. It's a Saturday so you won't have to worry about getting too buzzed or drunk. Just go to the bar/club/click for dick right after:-) lol.

C U GUYS there!

Brent Everett


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