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Sunday, 31 August 2008

Starting Young 2 Teaser Clip: Brent & Benjamin Bradley

Here's a short synopsis of Starting Young 2 and the Brent Everett & Benjamin Bradley sex scene.

Carter Longway and Josh Vaughn are in the candy shop where Carter works. The two are swapping stories about all the hot young guys they know and their sexcapades. Josh starts off with a tale about sexy Brent Everett catching muscle boy Benjamin Bradley jacking off on his bed. Brent jumps in the middle of the action and the two take turns sucking one another off and eating each other's hot little asses. Benjamin throws his legs in the air to take every inch that Brent has to offer, and the two studs both blow big creamy loads.

Here's the teaser video of Me fucking the hell out of Benjamin. Hot Hot Hot! Gotta love his pink hole.

See the full video, or get your own copy here:

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