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Tuesday, 16 December 2008

New York City - Day 2

Eric Rhodes, Mike Warner, Steve Pena & Brent Everett

New York City is amazing. I can see why they call it the city that never sleeps. It never does. There is always something going on and some big thing happening. Justice, Steve & I are loving it! Mike or Go Go Mike as he's known here in NYC has been awesome and has taken care of us while being here. Here's how our day 2 went:

First off SPLASH Campus Thursdays is where we will end up. We started the pre-party with Justice going to a Mexican Restraunt down the street called Arriba Arriba. She ordered us Mexican and had large Margaritas. She came back to the apartment with a good ass buzz:-)

Then got ready for the club event at Splash. We got picked up in a stretched Limo and went down times square in Style. We drank some Vodka and had fun all the way to the club. Once we arrived the staff took good care of us. Alan & Chris Ryan were great. Our friend Keiffer joined us once inside. Kieffer is a great guy who once lived in San Diego but now lives here in NYC. If you need a good hair cut, go see him;-)

There was a Telemundo guy filming a documentary the entire night so everywhere I went he was there recording. It was a little funny but cool. Eric Rhodes was also there and said hi. He's a great porn star. Nice guy and good personality. Justice performed Ida Corr's "Let me think about it" and opened for me before I went on stage. She was flawless and did San Diego proud!

We stayed for one more dance number with the showers. Splash has a dance floor with a long shower and it makes for a very wild stage show. The whole night had me worn out and we ended up going back to Mike's place where we had a little after party. A whole group of us all sat on his bed and talked and drank it up. We ended up breaking Mike's bed and not from what you think... lol. Ten people on one bed gets a little heavy.

- to be continued...


Mikael Aspfors said...

I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!



The Cock Show said...

Hot boys!

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