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Friday, 12 December 2008

New York City - Day 1

December 10, Day 1: Steve, Justice and I meet an awesome gay flight attendant who takes care of us on our trip to NYC. He was really cool and friendly.
We arrive in NYC at JFK Airport and it's cold! Rainy too. The jet lag starts breaking down my immune system. Plus the change in weather, like the rain and freezing temps, make it worse. By tomorrow, I'll be sick as a dog. But I'm too excited to care.
As soon as we arrived in Manhattan we changed and walked to Times Square. Our digs are literally a few blocks away. Steve & Justice were in complete joy. They have never been to NYC before. Once we walked through Times Square, it was like being in a movie. You see it on TV all the time but it's a whole other thing being in the centre of it in real time.
We saw all the famous signs from coke, abc news, and the all the Broadway signs. I can see why they call it the city that never sleeps. Clubs are open late, people are always on the streets. There's always something going on which makes it so much fun.
After Times Square we went out to a couple of cool spots. One being the Ritz. We met so many cool people including Dave, the owner of Rush, abc, Chris Ryan. The promoter of the event at Splash. We stayed an hour drinking and lying low.
After our shot of patron it was time to go and get some sleep. It was pouring at the time and we'd lost our umbrella, so we ran a couple of blocks back to our friend Mike's place. Wet, cold and a little tipsy. :-) Went to bed.
I'll let you know how Day 2 goes. Steve & I are loving it so far!



Anonymous said...


MaJic said...

glad you're enjoying your time here! wish i wouldve seen you at the club,, but i dont think im old enough yet lol

Qumi said...

WoW, wish I could see someday NY, but then again I would also wish not to sleep there... it's a huge city... all those noises during every part of the day... I really admire people who can sleep there... :P

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