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Monday, 29 December 2008

New Year's Eve Bash at RUSH, NYC

Hey guys, my holidays in the Cayman Islands are over and I'm going to be back in the the States for New Year's Eve. The party at Splash earlier this December was such a success, they asked me to come back to host the New Year's Eve Mega Party but this time at RUSH! Will I see you there? Come talk to me! :-)

Happy New Year!
- Brent

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gaysinley said...

I wish a happy new year!!!

Kisses from Madrid. Alberto

HardMannFD said...

I'll make sure that when I'm on stage on New Year's in Portland, OR (okay! it's NOT NYC!) I'll put a shout out to you before one of my songs- say, "Take Another Shot." No body in the crazy drunken rock n roll crowd will know who the hell I'm talking about, which will make it all that much more reason to do it! Knock em dead kid!

xixihaha said...

happy new year!

Dave said...

NYE at Rush sounds great. Too bad you couldn't stay in DC, we ave some really wicked parties ourselves. Best of luck to you for 2009.

Eric, always your N°1 french fan! said...

Happy new year Brent and Steve ! I wish you the best in your life. But don't forget you fans, it's easy to have some fans, it's hard to keep them, it's very easy to lose them.

On t'aime Brent! Bonne année 2009!

n3pH1L1m said...

Big Kisses from Romania... I hope u get all the votes as well..:P

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