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Monday, 1 December 2008

BrentEverett.com Server Update

We now have more information about the server problems that affected BrentEverett.com last Friday evening and Saturday morning. The company hosting our website had major server problems that closed down a number of the websites it hosts. In order to bring our website back up, they had to use a backup that was a few days old, resulting in some lost information. While we were able to re-upload the changes the website had undergone during the previous few days immediately, the restoration process also affected about a dozen new members of BrentEverett.com.

If you joined the website through CCBill or Verotel during the past few days and cannot login, it's because your login information is not in the backed up database. Here's what to do -

Send an email to support@brenteverett.com (with a copy to brent@brenteverett.com). Include as much of the following information as you can:
1) your name
2) your username
3) your password
4) the email address you used to subscribe
5) the date you subscribed

Doing this will make it easier to identify you with CCBill or Verotel and allow you to be added manually to the subscriber database on the server.

Please give us a day or so after you send us your info to sort things out. Thanks for your understanding and patience.



James Ellis said...

hey Brent i'm your fan, i'm Brazillian and would be nice to talk to u in msn...

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