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Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Still in Fort Lauderdale, Still Having Fun

Hey guys,

We're still in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, having fun, but also working hard. I want to thank all of you who came out to the Boardwalk over the weekend to see me. I really appreciated seeing some of you. I want to remind you, if you see me anywhere, come say hi and talk to me. I'd really love that.

While we were here, we've done a few video and photo shoots with new models which you'll see soon on my website, and maybe even a few photos on the blog. You'll just have to wait and see... ;-) Today, we're out and about doing some sight-seeing and relaxing. Tomorrow it's back to San Diego to get ready for Friday's live webcam show (check the details on my website's calendar page).

See you then?
- Brent


Vitinho said...

Hi Brent,

My name is Victor am Brazilian and super fan of his work ...

Show you are very nice, beautiful, talented, and everything ...

I love you, I know you too ...

Love, delight '


Blogger said...

Hello Brent,

My lovely and beautiful kitty. I'm more of a fans here in Brazil. I live in Minas Gerais and come together increasingly his work. I wish you much success, but very hard!. Brent you are? increasingly my beautiful kitty.
"Hi thousand kinder

Aldo Jackal

Dan spanish said...

hi guy!

i´m a spanish fan of your films! And with this blog i´ve discovered you are a great person.
In spain gay´s marriage are legal thanks to our president. It´s fantastic that you have gotten to get married (my english its horrible! jaja)
Here there are many people that loves you.

Thanks for everything. And love Spain!


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