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Monday, 10 November 2008

Special Comment on Gay Marriage by Keith Olberman of MSNBC

I haven't been moved by anything said so far of Prop 8, but Keith Olberman hit this one out of the park and touched every point and reason why we deserve the same right of LOVE as everyone else. Thank you so much Keith. You are the MAN!

Here's more info and what's being said about Keith's Special Comment from The Huffington Post:
Keith Olbermann delivered a rousing, emotional, 6-minute special comment on Prop 8 Monday night. Olbermann, who has never married, vehemently disagrees with its passage and the ban on gay marriage.

"I am not personal vested this," he said, "yet this vote is horrible. Horrible... This is about the human heart." After going through the history of marriage in the United States, and reminding viewers not only that marriage between black and white people used to be illegal in 1/3 of the country, but illegal between slaves, he made a plea for love and the spread of happiness.

"The world is barren enough... with so much hate in the world, so much meaningless division... this is what your religion tells you to do?... this is what your heart tells you to do?... You are asked to stand now on a question of love."


Anonymous said...

Wow Brent - thanks so much for posting that. Keith - YOU ARE THE MAN!!

Patrick said...

I stand and applaud Kieth! I do not like MSNBC and am not a big fan of Kieth... but I have to say... This was a great message that he presented... all should follow the heart and not the hate!
Great Job Kieth...
and thanks for posting that Brent!

elmysterio said...

Just when you think you are all alone someone does something like this. I salute Keith for this and you Brent for posting it.

Conroeguy said...

Thanks for posting that Brent, I missed it. And congrats on your marriage, I wish you all the best.

gearguy29@yahoo.com said...

WoW that was a very much needed expression for the people to be civil to each other. You don't have to like your neighbor but don't go against humanity and hate people cause there not like you. Religion has destroyed so much for centuries and when will it stop? Prop 8 just showed us that common sense isn't so common. I have completely lost faith in humanity not only for this prop 8 passage but for human kind itself. If a father can put a gun to his child's head and pull the trigger and not care, what does that tell you about humanity.Signed: a very disturbed person with society

Dan.in.valley@gmail.com said...

Wow! That touched me! I am a former Californian, moved up to Portland, Oregon a few years ago. I have many friends in So. Calif. I am effected by the Prop 8, news, and if I was still in California, I would of been a part of the protests. Ellen shared this video on her show today. Best wishes to you, and Steve.

nath said...

Hi Brent, I'm not gay, I'm not even american. I'm brazilian, a brazilian strait girl. And I could not belive what people was able to do passing pro 8 in California.
I agree with everything that Keith said, and I also do not understand why it matters to those people who u love.
They should be happy that in the world we are living in, people still belives in love.
I'm glad that u have found someone that u love and that loves u. I hope u known who luck u are. And that love is something noboby will take away from u.
I wish u all the best and happiness that u deserve just for speaking out.

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