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Saturday, 29 November 2008

Both chats are on for today.

Hello everyone,

Brent, Steve and I have just tested the chat software to see if audio and video are streaming properly from Tampa, Florida. Everything is working well. So the Yahoo Chat is on for 12 noon Pacific, 3 pm Eastern and 8pm London (UK) time. The live Webcam will follow immediately afterwards at about 1pm Pacific, 4pm Eastern and 9pm London (UK) time. As you know, Brent and Steve are in Tampa today where Brent is appearing tonight at the G.Bar.



Anonymous said...

Brent, i'm your new fans! I love to see you sucking guy's cocks! And i love your muscular bodies! Love you.

Hope to see you in more gay videos!

MART said...

Hello Brent, Last month I have you sent a email but I've heard nothing from you dear. You are very nice, very hot and I have a dream, a wish: could we become close friends, boyfriends, by mailing and chatting? I like you very, very much and I love your wonderful body!!! Every time when I look for you, I see you, by hot photos and hot DVDs; I become voluptuous and very hot: you make me very hot with your nice hot body!!! Do I hear from you Brent, my lovely nice dear? I love you. Greetings from Bergen op Zoom, The Netherlands. Your bodymate, your dear boyfriend MART.

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