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Saturday, 11 October 2008

Lounging Around

Hope you guys are having a great weekend so far.  I went out last night and had a blast with some of my friends.  We went on over to Universal.  THe hottest spot in San Diego.  It's omnisexual and the atmosphere is awesome.  We met some of the cutest girls last night and had alot of fun with them.  Anyways, hope you guys relax or have fun.  THe weekend is just for that.


Anonymous said...

You are a beautifull guy and I like your cock. It excite me.

Loïc said...

Congratulations you two!
hi brent and steve always so sexy i can't often write but i come on your blog.
I'm really happy for you. Have so nice day together
bye sending you some big kisses from france. loic

Loïc said...


Anonymous said...

You're such a sexy man, Brent. I admire you for staying in shape and being a male porn star. God, I fantasize about you all the time! Keep the hottness coming!

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