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Friday, 24 October 2008

Brent's July 4th Fireworks

Here are a few vidcaps from the latest webcam show posted on my website. July 4th, Independence Day, and July 1st, Canada Day, are the national holidays of the US and Canada. You'll see fireworks in every small town and big city. I thought I'd give you my own version of fireworks! Steve wouldn't let me cum for three days before the webcam show. Boy, was that hard to live through. But the result proves it was a good idea! Take a look... ;-)


everson said...

that looks so hot Brent you ure did like it up.

russian_guy said...

mmm:)) that was VERY hot:)) it seems i must have some 'fun' now or it will be a very long sleepless night:)))

btw, congrats:))


Anonymous said...

Amen to Steve!! That was worth it! Eh eh eh!!

Anonymous said...

i love you! you're so hot! i like your dick

Anonymous said...

Nice to see a big wad of sweet and salty. That rod of yours never quits. Thanx.

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