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Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Strip Bingo Today

Here's the teaser video.  It's not finished, and the quality is pretty bad here and I need to fix it, but For now, just scan through it and see what's it's like.  I hope you guys at join me today.  It's fun and cheesy. 



Anonymous said...

Hey guys.. I sent an e-mail with my home address to send the dvd, signed poster, and undies. I can't believe I won. You are both the best!! This site is a blast. The bingo is a great idea and you make your friends/fans feel most welcomed. The best part is that you are down to earth!!! I love it!

Love, John XX00XX

deivo said...

OMG!!! You are GOD.

Perfect lips, perfect body, perfect abs...It´s imposible no yo be GOD.

If you can, I´d like you to pass from my blog and sign me.

Kisses from Bilbao, in the north og Spain.

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