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Saturday, 27 September 2008

Our Wedding Invitation (Repost) with Good News Below in next posts

Here's the wedding invite guys for anyone wanting to join us after the reception and ceremony Friday Night OCT 3rd, 2008. The actual ceremony is private & only for family members.

We want to thank Nick de Simas for all his work and dedication for helping us with this important day in our lives. He's our awesome wedding planner and Steve's best friend.

We also have a gift registry with Bed Bath & Beyond. You also have the option of purchasing gifts online by clicking
HERE. :) Purely Optional guys, but there have been many requests for it, so we're posting it. Thanks ahead of time. We do appreciate it!

We will be having the wedding ceremony with close family on Friday October 3rd, 2008 in San Diego, California.

Right afterwards we will then have a huge celebration at The Flame Nightclub beginning at 10pm in the VIP Room. We have the entire back of the club for family and friends so it's gonna be awesome. My Mom & Dad and Steve's Parents are also coming so it's gonna be a sight to see. I can't wait!!!!

Come dance, party, and celebrate with us until 2am!
Look forward to seeing you there!


Anonymous said...

How about having guests donate money to the "NO on Prop 8 initiative" which will legally allow you to have the wedding, rather than gifts from Bed, Bath and Beyond?

Jorrit said...


Francotranceboy said...

hello brent and steve..congratulations!!!,god sounds on you,wishing both of you,
an abundance of love,light,golden
rays and laughter always...

geekluve said...

Congratulations Brent!

the best of luck hope nothing but the best for you.


Joey said...

Congrats you happy lil twits :)

Joe in the OC said...

Wish I could have been there, hope it went swimmingly! Congrats!!!!

Dudu said...

vou AGORA baixar um video de vcs pra ver cumaƩ esse Steve!
Na minha mente vai dar tudo CEERTO!
me add no msn h2oce@hotmail.com

Stephan (Netherlands) said...

Hey guys,

Congratulations and I wish you ALL the luck in the world in your marriage!!


Anonymous said...

HEY Brent, Congratulations!!!
I hope the best for u and u husband hahaha, its amazing to see how a boy as young as me get married ... Hope meet u some day .

Deano Valentine

XFZbQ3E8pcwuuCzIvi92qawFhvDO said...

I want to congradulate you on your wedding.

I also want to take this opportunity

I also want to take this opportunity. You are a special kind of a guy.

I have watched your videos and chats for about the past 4 years. I have seen you talk, dance (I luv the way you move!), kiss (you are a great kisser!), suck and fuck. What has always impressed me about you is that you always make it a energetic and joyous interaction. Even the "role plays" are done with this kind of innocence. Not that you are not worldly, but you still approach what you do with enthusiasm and energy.

I know little about your husband, but I can tell him that from an outsider looking in, you have made a very good life partner choice.

For someone who has been married and observed gay couples for years, what is the most important thing is to never exclude your partner. If you like a hot looking guy, tell your partner. If you want to fuck I very hot guy, tell your partner. Talk with each other and don't let the god damned male ego get in the way of listening and caring and being vulnerable to each other --- not just physically, but also open-heartedly.

Remember to also generate your own personal bliss from the inside and share it out. Don't be dependent on your lovers moods or states to be happy and stable inside yourself. When you both are strong from the inside, then you become a power couple. When you build negative emotional dependencies, then you drag each other down.



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