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Sunday, 28 September 2008

Gay Themed Movies: Douche Froides (Cold Showers)

(Antony Cordier, France)
When a film treads familiar territory - which Doche Froides indeed does - there had better be a higher than average aesthetic to go along with its otherwise tired old story - in order for it not to be such a been-there-seen-that kind of experience. Well, I'll tell you what - Douche Froides does not have that higher than average aesthetic - which ultimately leaves the film a much flatter work than it very well should be.

Even with such a quiet and introspective demeanor, a few overtly stunning scenes (the initial sexual awakening between the three main characters, with its close-ups of writhing arms and legs - never quite sure of who is who - gives a strainingly odd erotic feel to the rest of the film) and a performance from Salomé Stévenin as the female third of the central Ménage à Trois, that is equally subtly brilliant and passionately sublime, Douche Froides still merely plays at what it searches for - instead of actually finding it.

Ultimately, with a theme that has been done far superiorly (Y Tu Mama Tambien) and far inferiorly (Threesome and Three to Tango), this film lies somewhere in between - both almost succeeding and nearly failing.
Youtube version below:

Sexy Version Below:


Steve in CA said...

That friggin' banner at the bottom of the vid RUINED yet another scene!

Brent Everett said...

There's usually an "X" at the right top side of the banner. Just hit that and it closes the banner.

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