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Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Watching the videos inside the blog

Hey guys,
Some of you are having trouble viewing videos inside the blog from "megarotic"(Like Steve in CA. Sorry Steve). There's sometimes a banner that appears at the bottom. If you see it, you will see a "X" at the right top hand corner. Click on that and it will close the banner. If that doesn't work, you can always double click on the video itself while it's open and it should take you to the video via a different window where you shouldn't have trouble viewing it anymore. Hope that solves that problem boys.

Brent Everett

Classic Boys being Boys!

Straight Sex Is HOT

I love seeing boys fuck their girlfriends. Do you? Sex is hot no matter what and it's even hotter when it's a cute boy with a big dick doing the fucking.:-)


Sunday, 28 September 2008

San Diego Padres rookies in a hot hazing ritual

San Diego Padres' rookies were treated to a nice bit of hazing by being forced to wear Hooters uniforms in Denver, CO.  It's super hot seeing them wear these tight ass short shorts and tight shirts.  The bulges are just popping.  What do you think?  Hot or Not?

Horny at the Office

See the full gallery and video inside the site.

Marines: Jay Nyne & Drake both stroke their cocks Teaser

See more and the full video here or inside the site.

Gay Themed Movies: Douche Froides (Cold Showers)

(Antony Cordier, France)
When a film treads familiar territory - which Doche Froides indeed does - there had better be a higher than average aesthetic to go along with its otherwise tired old story - in order for it not to be such a been-there-seen-that kind of experience. Well, I'll tell you what - Douche Froides does not have that higher than average aesthetic - which ultimately leaves the film a much flatter work than it very well should be.

Even with such a quiet and introspective demeanor, a few overtly stunning scenes (the initial sexual awakening between the three main characters, with its close-ups of writhing arms and legs - never quite sure of who is who - gives a strainingly odd erotic feel to the rest of the film) and a performance from Salomé Stévenin as the female third of the central Ménage à Trois, that is equally subtly brilliant and passionately sublime, Douche Froides still merely plays at what it searches for - instead of actually finding it.

Ultimately, with a theme that has been done far superiorly (Y Tu Mama Tambien) and far inferiorly (Threesome and Three to Tango), this film lies somewhere in between - both almost succeeding and nearly failing.
Youtube version below:

Sexy Version Below:

Cristiano Wet, Wild, Red, White & Hot

Tim Oaks

Video Below:

Saturday, 27 September 2008

Our Wedding Invitation (Repost) with Good News Below in next posts

Here's the wedding invite guys for anyone wanting to join us after the reception and ceremony Friday Night OCT 3rd, 2008. The actual ceremony is private & only for family members.

We want to thank Nick de Simas for all his work and dedication for helping us with this important day in our lives. He's our awesome wedding planner and Steve's best friend.

We also have a gift registry with Bed Bath & Beyond. You also have the option of purchasing gifts online by clicking
HERE. :) Purely Optional guys, but there have been many requests for it, so we're posting it. Thanks ahead of time. We do appreciate it!

We will be having the wedding ceremony with close family on Friday October 3rd, 2008 in San Diego, California.

Right afterwards we will then have a huge celebration at The Flame Nightclub beginning at 10pm in the VIP Room. We have the entire back of the club for family and friends so it's gonna be awesome. My Mom & Dad and Steve's Parents are also coming so it's gonna be a sight to see. I can't wait!!!!

Come dance, party, and celebrate with us until 2am!
Look forward to seeing you there!

Google Co-Founder Brin: Our Company Opposes California Anti-Gay Marriage Measure

On Friday afternoon Google Co-founder Sergey Brin explained, in an entry written on Google's blog, his company's decision to take an official public position against Proposition 8, which seeks to ban gay marriage in California.

Read More here from the Huffington Post:

The Conservative San Diego "Union Tribune" say's VOTE No on Prop 8

San Diego, and especially San Diego County, is ground zero for Proposition 8. The big churches that back the amendment are there, and a disproportionate number of the money and signatures gathered to place it on the ballot came from there.

Last week, the San Diego Union-Tribune came out against Prop 8: "The right of gay and lesbian couples to wed on an equal legal basis with heterosexual couples has long stirred opposition not only among social conservatives but also among a much broader swath of society. But in the four short months since a landmark California Supreme Court ruling legalized gay marriage, a significant social shift seems to have occurred.
Read More Here from the Huffington Post:

Hollywood Hotties: Chase Crawford 1

Check out this Hottie from CW's Gossip Girl.  WOW, he's super cute and check out those baby blues. 

Check out the videos of Chase Crawford Below:

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Strip Bingo Today

Here's the teaser video.  It's not finished, and the quality is pretty bad here and I need to fix it, but For now, just scan through it and see what's it's like.  I hope you guys at join me today.  It's fun and cheesy. 


Hollywood Hottiest: Alan Ritchson (Big Tease) 2