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Wednesday, 30 July 2008

We're in Vancouver

Early this morning we caught a flight to Vancouver.

Here I am in the cab to our hotel. I'd rather be sleeping still. Family reunions are fun, but you talk a lot and get very little sleep... :)

After lunch at my favourite Mongolian Grill on Davie Street, I'm outside the Body Energy Club (I used to work there a few years ago). It's right next to the gym where I work out when I'm in Vancouver.

Here's the view from our hotel room window. Oops, my shorts are down a bit thanks to Steve! :-)

After a rest ;) we're off to meet my friend Mikey and then later on to the fireworks out over English Bay.

Cheers for today,
- Brent


Eric, always your N°1 french fan! said...

I love this pictures, on the cab you're so cute (mignon, en fran├žais) and I don't know why I love the 3rd, perhaps the view! ;-) Thanks Steve!

Anonymous said...

I love this picture of you in the cab! Your so sexy! Speachless man! all i can say is Daaaammmmm your cute!

jeremstar said...

hey sexy !
could u look my hot website and tell me what do u think about my sexy pics?
you will be so cute!
i love ur movies and pics, u are the perfect man for me =)
love you xoxo !
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xoxo luv

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