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Monday, 28 July 2008

More Pictures from the Home Front

We're still having fun up here in Saskatchewan, even though the weather turned nasty one afternoon - a major storm and even a tornado. See below.

Here I am at a Dairy Queen keeping cool (all in all though, I'd rather be at Tim Horton's - all my fellow Canadians will understand... :)

My parents' house. I mowed the lawn and helped fix the landscaping. My parents are selling our house now. It's a bit sad. There are lots of happy memories here!

Here's a little wooden house I built when I was 7. I loved building things and then destroying them. This one was saved by my parents!! Should I have become an architect? LOL

Playing with my aunt's Wiener Dog (more respectfully called "Dachshund").

Having a bit of fun with Steve :)

Steve catches my dad, my mom, and me off guard (well, we were trying to escape the rain)!

Check out the rays of sun light coming through the storm clouds. This was the day we came back from Swift Current after our big family reunion. There was a major storm and a tornado. We were lucky not to get caught in it. :)

Steve shows off how he saved us all from the storm dangers, and looks sexy to boot!! LOL

I hope you like this glimpse into my family life here in Canada. Watch out for more in a few days.

- Brent


Eric, always your N°1 french fan! said...

It's always very nice to post personnal pictures to show us what you do in your private life. I think you're happy to be with your parents. They seem to be fantastic: my mother, when i said to her that i was gay, put me out of the house and said me that i never come back. But that's life!

I understand that your house is important and you have a lot of memories in, it's sad that your parents sell it, but perhaps this house will be more expansive because Brent Everette was here and discovered his sexuality in one of the bedroom! ;-)

Continue posting pictures of your holidays and congratulations to your dear Steve who saved you from the canadian rain.

You should give to me some lessons to pronounce Saskatchewan!! ;-)

Have a good trip and holidays and a little "bonjour" to Steve. Take care of Brent Steve!

You.H said...

From Japan, hello. (^^)
My name is You.
I am not good at English. However, I wanted to tell you by all means and wrote it in English.
Because I was able to know what kind of place you were brought up at, I am glad.
I do not have been to Canada. However, I wanted to go to Canada by watching your blog, and by watching beautiful scenery of Canada.

sdrowe said...

Know how you feel about Tim Horton's but did you know they have them in London UK now too!

Anonymous said...

great photos! lovely to see family and local scenes!

Steve in CA said...

I also really appreciate your sharing this window into your real homelife. Thanks. I hope you had a great time, and that your parents love The Hero Steve!

erick said...

your family pictures are so sweet. its nice to see you wearing normal clothes, lol. kidding aside, i thought you were so sweet to put these up. it just shows ur good inner soul. keep it up brent!

PS love the wiener dog (most respectfully know as the daschund) hahaha. i wanna meet you and talk to you. =))

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