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Monday, 28 July 2008

Cum to my live webcam show tomorrow, Tuesday, July 29th

Here are a few teaser pics from the next video and picture gallery to be posted on the site tomorrow after the live webcam show. I'm in the gym in my green wresting singlet after my workout. I have to be a bit careful because I'm not alone in the gym of course. But I'm so horny! Well you can imagine what happens. Actually you don't have to imagine it - if you're a member of my website you'll see it all - this is a brand new video especially filmed for the website, it's not an edited webcam show! Enjoy! ;)

I hope I see you all at the webcam show tomorrow. All the details are on the calendar page of the site.

- Brent


Steve in CA said...

YUM! If I were your BF, I would sometimes just want to stand aside and watch you jack off. Thanks for the pictures!

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