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Wednesday, 30 July 2008

We're in Vancouver

Early this morning we caught a flight to Vancouver.

Here I am in the cab to our hotel. I'd rather be sleeping still. Family reunions are fun, but you talk a lot and get very little sleep... :)

After lunch at my favourite Mongolian Grill on Davie Street, I'm outside the Body Energy Club (I used to work there a few years ago). It's right next to the gym where I work out when I'm in Vancouver.

Here's the view from our hotel room window. Oops, my shorts are down a bit thanks to Steve! :-)

After a rest ;) we're off to meet my friend Mikey and then later on to the fireworks out over English Bay.

Cheers for today,
- Brent

Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Our Last Day in Saskatchewan

Our last day in Saskatchewan started off in Moose Jaw where I was born. Two of the attractions of this medium-sized city are tunnel systems: one reputed to have been used by Al Capone during the prohibition booze-running days (Moose Jaw is not far from the U.S. border) and the other the "Chinese Passage to Fortune" tunnel used by early Chinese immigrants.

Last time we were here, I showed Steve the Al Capone tunnel. This time we looked at the Chinese tunnel.

Here I am taking pics of some pretty flowers...

Checking out the Saskatchewan Parliament Building with my parents.

The Saskatchewan Parliament Building

Our hotel in Regina where I did the live webcam show. Our show was awesome, it had a great look and unusual lighting. Mostly direct sunlight. Very different. If you missed it, you'll be able to check it out when the edited version goes up on the website. Look out for it.

Here I am walking via the Sky Walk from the Delta Hotel. We'd just finished our live webcam show and went to gamble a bit. We won at our first machine, cashed out and ran, tripling our starting amount! :-)

Here I am after winning at my machine! Woo Hoo!

Wednesday morning early we're off to Vancouver for the finale of the annual international fireworks competition on Saturday and Vancouver's Pride Parade on Sunday. If you're there, watch out for me and say "hi" if you see me. Tuesday we're driving up to Whistler, site of the 2010 Winter Olympics, and then on Wednesday morning at 6 a.m. we head back to San Diego. I hope I get up on time - I'm not really a morning person! :)

- Brent

Earthquake hits Los Angeles area

Just to show you that we're connected to the outside world here on Saskatchewan's prairies, I've just found out that a major earthquake hit the Los Angeles area at 11:42 this morning. It had a magnitude of 5.4 on the Richter scale with the epicentre being about 50 kilometres (30 miles) south-east of Los Angeles. No injuries have been reported to date. The airport and freeways are operating normally, but cell phone service was disrupted for a while (everyone trying to phone at the same time, I guess). There have been three after shocks so far and the quake was felt as far east as Las Vegas and as far south as San Diego.

By comparison, the earthquake that hit Northridge near L.A. in 1994 killed 72 and injured about 7,000 people and had a magnitude of 6.7 on the Richter scale. I really hope no one was injured today!

- Brent

Monday, 28 July 2008

Cum to my live webcam show tomorrow, Tuesday, July 29th

Here are a few teaser pics from the next video and picture gallery to be posted on the site tomorrow after the live webcam show. I'm in the gym in my green wresting singlet after my workout. I have to be a bit careful because I'm not alone in the gym of course. But I'm so horny! Well you can imagine what happens. Actually you don't have to imagine it - if you're a member of my website you'll see it all - this is a brand new video especially filmed for the website, it's not an edited webcam show! Enjoy! ;)

I hope I see you all at the webcam show tomorrow. All the details are on the calendar page of the site.

- Brent

More Pictures from the Home Front

We're still having fun up here in Saskatchewan, even though the weather turned nasty one afternoon - a major storm and even a tornado. See below.

Here I am at a Dairy Queen keeping cool (all in all though, I'd rather be at Tim Horton's - all my fellow Canadians will understand... :)

My parents' house. I mowed the lawn and helped fix the landscaping. My parents are selling our house now. It's a bit sad. There are lots of happy memories here!

Here's a little wooden house I built when I was 7. I loved building things and then destroying them. This one was saved by my parents!! Should I have become an architect? LOL

Playing with my aunt's Wiener Dog (more respectfully called "Dachshund").

Having a bit of fun with Steve :)

Steve catches my dad, my mom, and me off guard (well, we were trying to escape the rain)!

Check out the rays of sun light coming through the storm clouds. This was the day we came back from Swift Current after our big family reunion. There was a major storm and a tornado. We were lucky not to get caught in it. :)

Steve shows off how he saved us all from the storm dangers, and looks sexy to boot!! LOL

I hope you like this glimpse into my family life here in Canada. Watch out for more in a few days.

- Brent

Sunday, 27 July 2008

Home in Canada for a Family Reunion

Well guys, we're back home in Canada for a big family reunion. Family means an awful lot to me, so I try to see them as often as I can. Before we left, there was San Diego's Pride week-end and our big party. Here are a couple of pictures.

This is hot BrentEverett.com exclusive model Mark Collins with my friend Justice Paige behind him on stage.

We had a crazy time getting up to Canada. Before we could leave there were a lot of things to do - including editing a special video of me for the website that you'll see in a few days. Of course it took much longer than we expected to finish it (doesn't it always?), so instead of leaving for L.A. at midnight, we didn't get away till about 3 a.m. and just made the airport in time for our flight. Then we found out we were at the wrong terminal (we had to take two different airlines to get to Saskatchewan) and missed our flight. Fortunately, there was another one at 10 a.m. and after changing flights a couple of times we arrived at Regina dead tired around 8 pm.

Yes, this is my Saskatchewan prairie. Really hot in the summer and really, really cold in the winter!! But right now, it's just perfect for the family reunion.

As part of that we'll be visiting not only Regina (the capital city of the province), but also Swift Current and Moose Jaw (yes, Moose Jaw! - Canadians have a strange sense of humour) where I was born.

After that, Steve and I are off to Vancouver to visit a couple of good friends and to watch the finals of Vancouver's annual two week long international fireworks competition (they're expecting about 300,000 visitors for that) and Vancouver's Pride Parade the day after on Sunday, August 3rd (another half million - it gets bigger every year!). And then, just before we head back south, we're driving up to Whistler into the mountains to see the site of the 2010 Winter Olympics - very hot at this time of year and completely without smog! (What's better than that, a couple of days before the opening of the Beijing Summer Olympics)

Watch for another report and a few more pictures in a few days. And don't forget my live webcam show on Tuesday, July 29th, from up here (internet gremlins permitting)! You can find the details on the calendar page of the website.

Cheers guys,
- Brent

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Hollywood Hotties: Channing Tatum 2

Here are more pics of this super stunning boy, Channing Tatum.  I have more, but I'll have them up in another post soon.  

I love his seductive eyes, lips and look! Pure perfection.
check out his has in this one!

Check out the bulge!
Now, check out his cock in this one!  Gotta love wet, tighty whiteys.  What a bulge!

Sunday, 20 July 2008

In Pure Ecstasy

All American Jock Josh Ohl

This team has hotties and they are packing major bulge!

Supersoaked: Fucking Roman Heart

See the video teaser below: And see more inside my site, or get the DVD here.

Hollywood Hotties: James Marsden Nude

Here he is fucking NUDE! WOW! Love it. I'll try finding the actual video clip for you guys.

Gay man rescued, then killed by harbor police during SD Pride Event

I didn't make this event guys, but I did get a phone call from a friend who was on the cruise & told me all about it. Here's the story from the local paper.

By Mike Freeman
July 20, 2008

SEAN WOLFE for SignonSanDiego
An injured Harbor Police officer is taken to the hospital after a violent confrontation following a rescue.
San Diego Harbor Police fatally shot a man late Saturday after he began fighting with officers who had just rescued him from the water.
Harbor Police responded to a call from a boat chartered for a gay pride cruise about a man overboard about 11:50 p.m., said Harbor Police Sgt. David Fouser. A police boat found the man in the water about 500 feet south of the U.S. Coast Guard Air Station on Harbor Drive across from Lindbergh Field.

The man was identified by the Medical Examiner's Office as 37-year-old Steven Paul Hirschfield. He boarded the boat and began fighting with two officers, Harbor Police said. He knocked one officer to the deck, took the officer's Taser stun gun and began beating him in the face with it.

Hirschfield then tried to get the injured officer's gun. As he struggled to “get control” of the gun, the second officer shot the man once in the chest, Harbor Police said.
Continue reading here:

This is just fucking HOT! Wrestlers fucking around...

Jocks in Lycra: Markus Poyhonen