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Saturday, 26 April 2008

Steve Pena

Stripping down to nothing
Yes, he was Color guard in the US Navy

Here's some sexy pics of my Latin Lover Steve Pena;-) He's got ass like you wouldn't believe!


Eric, always your N°1 french fan! said...

That's true, Steve is handsome and you are a marvellous couple!

He must be amazing because he stole your heart and you're in love with him!

For us, he's in this incredible paradox: we hate him because he destroyed our hopes to seduce you but, as the same time, we love him because he makes you happy and that's the most important! We Brent is happy, all his fans are happy!

Even if I prefer your body, your lips, your eyes ( a dream!!!), it's true that his body is very attractiveand his eyes are deep! He's hot like latin lover but he has someting else, a mix of force and sweetness, like you Brent.

I wish you a lot of happiness for your couple! :-)

Brent Everett said...

Eric/Loic, You have a way with words that go beyond belief. WOW. Who says you still can't seduce me with words/love? ;-) LOL>

Steve & I are the perfect match. yin/yang. He's everything I'm not and I'm everything he's not. We give each other what the other either wants, needs, or cherishes. We're not perfect, b/c no one is, but we communicate. That's the most important thing. He's helped me understand the importance of sticking up for yourself and getting respect.

Steve's a scorpio. He's very vocal. he's caring and loyal. As long as you remain loyal, he'll always have your back. He has helped me feel proud and strong. Secure and honest.

I've helped him open up and explore his inner most thoughts and secrets. Helped him realize there's nothing wrong with letting your guard down and trusting others.

He used to have a big wall and wouldn't let people get too close b/c of the chances of getting hurt. He's been burned by close friends. Burned with secrets he told to them feeling they would keep it to themselves. Well... they didn't. So he has a hard time trusting just anyone.

He's my best friend. I'm his best friend. We laugh, smile and enjoy everyday of our lives.

He loves hearing nice things from you and LOIC and other boys that stay close. He understands the importance of having you guys by my side.

Thanks again. I know i rambled on and on. But I just had to get it off my chest:-)

You guys ROCK!

Bob said...

Brent, your comment here is exactly the sort of thing you should be writing in your blog as an entry. Besides all the hot photos of you and other guys you like, and promoting your member site (which I'm a member of), this blog is a way for you to communicate who you are and what you think & feel to your fans. Your words about Steve are beautiful and heartfelt. I hope you start putting more of that in your blog--I love the eye candy, but more about your life and your perspective would be welcome here.

Eric, who? said...

WAOW! What lovely words! You're crazy in love! I liked that one boyfriend speaks like that about me!He must broadly deserve these words of love.

That's a couple: you give to the other and he gives what miss you. I think it's the army who gave this caracter to Steve and you broke the carapace!

I can't seduce you with words, not in english, I make too much mistakes, perhaps in French! I try to write in english to respect your international bloggies, it's very difficult for me as you can see!!!!!!

So, I could seduce you with words but i'm so irresistible and I don't want to broke your couple! lol! ;-)

It is a chance to discover you every day through your words!

But why you speak to me of Loic, I do not know it and I am jealous! lol! ;-) [Mais Loic je en demande qu'à te connaître, on a les mêmes goûts en matière de Brent, lol!!!]

Have a nice week end! Bisous


Loïc said...

Hey! Eric why did you say "it" when you talk about me!!

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