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Thursday, 21 February 2008

This Sunday see me LIVE

Cum see Me LIVE here at BrentEverett.com


Anonymous said...


It looks like you regularly shave your balls and the area between your hole and your balls. I think it would make a very hot, hot show that would turn on a lot of your fans to see you do a bit of your shaving routine in your shower. Just an idea - I haven't seen you do it in any of your other shows yet!

Anonymous said...

Love your hi def video! Can't imagine someone I would rather look at in HD than you :D Thanks for an awsome website and for making my day in hi def!
You are the best Brent!

Thomas / Sweden

Anonymous said...

Hy Brent, I loved your cock and your face, but I think that you whould show us your face by camera when you cumshot. I mean your jerkof ;)

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