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Thursday, 21 February 2008

Just hanging around

One fetish of mine is seeing a flacid/semi erect cock. We all love rock hard cocks, but there's something about watching it grow before your eyes, or having it grow in your mouth... yummm! So here I am, just lounging thinking of it and figured I should just post something about it. How about you? What's more of a turn on for you? A soft cock, semi cock or a rock hard cock? I love cock period;-)

Me just hanging low. Really low;-)

Ben's sucking on Jon's semi hard cock

Cajan in the kitchen

Casey Wood & Jesse Drake

Drake & Jay

Collin in Texas

Damien in DC

Makes me hard just looking at them;-)

See more of these boys and many more here @ BrentEverett.com


Anonymous said...


I think your penis is one of the most perfect cocks I have ever seen, but It was great to see that beautiful huge uncut boy from Texas on your blog. Uncut is one of my latest joys - I hear you get to enjoy that everyday with Steve! You are a lucky man, although I do believe he is even luckier waking up with you everyday!

Loïc said...

Lol you re making me crazy Brent I think "watching it grow before your eyes, or having it grow in your mouth" as you say is so exciting especially when it grow in your mouth
that's one of my favourite pleasure!

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