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Thursday, 21 February 2008

From the bottom of my Heart...

I just want to thank each and everyone of you that wished me a Happy Birthday. I had an amazing birthday week starting in Texas & ending in California. This was by far the most memorable birthday and it's because all of your love & support. Thanks again guys!

Brent Everett


Eric, your best french fan said...

You're welcome Brent!

But i think you don't read our posts because i never had an answer here or by mail.

I would be good you have a public adress because i wanted to send you a birthday present for this special day but i didn't known where i could make it. I'm so sorry!

You fans are with you since few years Brent and we love you.

Brent Everett said...

Hey Eric,
Thanks again for the kind and sweet words. I'm sorry i didn't get back to your comments before. I didn't really understand how these comments sections worked;-) LOL. I know, i'm such a rookie. anyhow, thanks and take care.


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