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Monday, 25 February 2008

Brent Everett Fucks Pierre Fitch Teaser 1

See more of this hot video inside BrentEverett.com

This is the scene everyone wanted and got. See me pound the shit out of Power Bottom Pierre Fitch. Two Canadians go at it like there's no tomorrow. Jeremy Hall helps film this scene.

Screen Caps

Teaser Video 1 of Brent Everett fucking Pierre Fitch


Eric, your best french fan! said...

Why Canadian men are so hot??? Is it because the weather is cold that their body is so hot???? ;-)

I know where i will travel during my next holidays... Except if brent's organize somewhere in the USA a kind of "convention" for fans to meet him! It's a good idea isn't it? :-)

Loïc said...

lol Eric I'm french too (mais je parle anglais pour le com :p)
I think it's something in the air too.
Can you bring me in your bag for you're holidays???

Anonymous said...

This is so hot!
Lucky guy, Brent is awesome in this scene!

Jeremy Ryan said...

This is totally hot!

T.E.W. said...

You lucky dog, I love Pierre and you got him. And you pounded him like no tomorrow. Thanks for posting and I still hate you, ha.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know how to purchase that video of Brent and Pierre on DVD?

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