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Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Tuesday Night

Hey Guys,
  I'll have new posts tomorrow.  Sorry for not having one in a couple of days.  I've been busy with house work and models etc.  I have a LIVE WebCam on Thursday.  So I'm looking forward to that as well.  Take care studs.



Anonymous said...

When will the newest webcams be made available for those of us who missed them?

Aaron said...

I love this blog!!! I absolutely adore you! So I love being able to get on here and see your beautiful smile and perfect body!!!! Keep up the good work brent!!!!

danie said...

love your work.... definitely worth the wait
also looking forward to the show!

Willyan André said...

Parabéns seu blog está otimo, pena que não esta adaptado aos seus fãs Brasileiros...


Eric, your best french fan! said...

Don't worry dear Brent,

Your fans are here! I'm so happy since you open your own blog because we have news directly from you.

Thanks for giving us some private pics and your feelings.

I'm really one of your fans since you began your career and i bought all your dvd's. My favorite is WANTIN'MORE, your own dvd.

I hope that i will discover here another part of you because i think you're a great man, a nice person with nice soul and a big respect for your fans.

I love you! ;-)

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