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Sunday, 27 January 2008

Out & About

Here are some pictures that mean alot to me. Like this one below. It's me with both my mom and dad at the GAYVN Awards in San Fran. I was the first pornstar to bring both mom & pop to this ceremony. My parents support me and my career. I couldn't ask for better parents and i'm so lucky & blessed to be loved by them.

Here I am in Seattle in front of the Space Needle. We went up to the top and checked out all of the city. Seattle is a great city to check out. Lots of bars. We went to this karaoke bar one night and let me tell you, I'd never seen so many gay boys singing. They know how to relax and have fun.

Me just hanging out with friends. I can see i'm listening b/c i didn't even see the camera;-)

I'm with some of the boys in San Diego eating and drinking at Urban Mo's. IF you go there, look for David, Wes & Taj. These boys are amazing and tons of fun. Oh, and cute;-)

Steve up in the cliffs showing off;-)

Me cooling down at the ranch in Canada.

Steve & I tobogganing down the hills next to my house out in Canada. You can tell i'm fucking loving this stuff. You can't see it, but steve's in a leg brace from surgery he had a few weeks earlier. This was totally dangerous, but steve loved the snow. Can't get enough. He's from South Texas and never sees it. So he was not gonna miss this chance.

Here's a super sexy image/ad of Steve. This is one of my favorites and coolest.


JC said...

Steve's so gorgeous and seems really down to earth, like you. You're very lucky to have each other!

Here's something I'd like to see on your blog, btw: how about a description of your tattoos and what they mean to you?

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