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Wednesday, 30 January 2008

My KSEX Radio Interview Part 3

I close the interview with Steve by my side. We talk about everything in this whole interview, even Brent Corrigan and his work in the business. Nothings off limits and that's what makes it a fucking great time. I hope you guys get a little bit of my life from it.

Brent Everett


Louis et Quentin said...

Hey Brent !
I'm a french boy (so I live in France) and I let you a comment because you're my favorite actor and I am fan of you. You're so beautiful, no sexy and i'm sure a very nice boy.Sorry for my english but I'm not very good.. I hope you'll excuse me.

I'm happy that you have a blog.. We can see your life every day. My boyfriend and I have a blogspot too.. The adress is:
(My boyfriend is the asiatic boy... We are together since 2 years !!).I think you are very busy but if you have the time let us a comment or a mail. Do you have msn ?.. My msn is letqforever@hotmail.fr . If you want to talk with me and my boyfriend !.Of course, we are in France but why not talking together ?..
Quentin & Louis

Gustavo Daniel said...

Hi Brent!

I was wondering, what happened to "Wantin more" the movie you were shooting? Was it canceled? Don't you think it deserves a post about it? =D

Thanks for yur time! ^^

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