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Wednesday, 30 January 2008

My KSEX Radio Interview Part 2

In this segment, Steve joins in the conversations and livens it up a little. Watch and see


wilkel said...

OMG i was just looking on the web yesterday trying to find out where i could c your interview?? And here it is!!!I liked it,u r so different than i thought u would be,i thought u would be shallow and stuck up!!U know being a star,but u r such a sweetheart!Never thought u would be shy!Steve is so lucky to have u! I hope to c u dance live one day.Oh ya i`m totally a loyal fan:) :) :) :)

Haley said...

brent i am so much like u. im shy and only open up to a select group of people. i wish i could find a guy like steve. u guys r so cute together and i wish more couples were like u. i need advice on how to find my own steve

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