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Wednesday, 30 January 2008

My KSEX Radio Interview Part 1

Hey Guys, a while back I was a guest on The Jason Sechrest Show on KSEX Radio. Jason Sechrest is of jasoncurious.com interviews porn stars gay & straight. Well, I hadn't really done interviews before & was really nervous about it. I gave one for a movie I did a long time ago and didn't do it again.... Until now.

I came up to LA with Steve to a special appearance at MJ's with Jason the night before the radio show. That night was a lot of fun and Jason talks about some of it on the program. There's lots to be heard actually;-)

**This is the 1st radio interview where I answer all the questions everyones ever wanted answered. This video is divided into 3 parts. **


Marina said...

Ohoo Brent, you said that you slept with just one girl :)
How you can resist girls when they want you; I really think they want you because you're so sexy and beautiful :)

I wish you every good...


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