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Wednesday, 30 January 2008

KSEX.com and learning to open up

I had a lot of fun doing the KSEX Radio interview with Jason Sechrest. I'll admit I was a little nervous. I'm not good at interviews & not a very public person. I might not seem shy, but I am. I really only feel like a different person when I'm naked or in a scene. It's like I don't have to worry about anything anymore. I'm in character.

But getting deeper into my mind, feelings and thoughts was never something I'd allow to happen. It was a way of protecting myself from the world. The porn world and regular world is full of people out to hurt or judge you. I learned a long time ago to just not let people in so they wouldn't hurt me. This allowed me to keep business separate from pleasure etc. So I really never answered many personal questions, especially about the barebacking.

Once I met Steve, things changed. Steve helped me understand the meaning of opening up and not being afraid of opinion. He said people will always hate you or love you no matter what. The best thing was to just care about the ones that did care about me and not worry about the ones who didn't. I can't change peoples opinion once it's made, but i can give people a better understanding of what i've done in my life and why. I could be seen as more of a human being and maybe help others along the way. Steve's had therapy too. He's a scorpio and Scorpios never open up. But when he had a military accident and almost lost his leg, he had to get physical and emotional therapy to help guide him and not get down or depressed.

When that happened, he learned to allow people in and actually talk about his problems or thoughts/emotions. It helped him and with that, he's been a better listener and speaker ever since. He's pretty successful in things he does. So with that little push, he's helped me with my own demons and be more confident. Talking and listening in its own way, is therapy. I've learned this and i'm not afraid to open up anymore.

Anyways, he kinda encouraged me to open up as well and go on with Jason Sechrest. If i could handle that, then i could handle most anything...

I have to say, I've been better at speaking to large groups of people and socializing. I'm still shy, but I'm more confident. Human. I don't care about being judged.

I only care about being me. I hope you care about being you too.



Jay said...

I'm really enjoying your blog. I think it's so cool that you have this outlet to reach out to your fans and let us know the real, multi-dimensional Brent beyond the gorgeous porn star! I hope you continue to open up to us. :)

Eric your best french fan! ;-) said...


thanks for opening your hearts to us. You're a great man, and you're so gorgeous!

Remember that your fans support you everyday, in the good or the bad times. This blog is very important for us to know you more. You're so secret!

You're the only porn star that i'd like to see live because you seem to be a man with a very rich soul and i'd like talking with you. So, if you come in France, you must say it to me!!!! ;-)

You are shy, it's so sexy! I'm shy too! You seem to be pure, i think you avoid the traps of the porn middle.

Thanks to Steve who takes care of you and helps you to become less shy. STEVE TAKE CARE OF OUR BRENT!

Finally, Brent, i know it's your birthday soon, do you have an adresse to send you a présent from France? It would be nice and it would be a pleasure for me because i'd like to say how much i love you, your work, your blog, and what you are.

A french kiss for you Brent!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to have you release some of your private videos with Steve!

XO, Kevin in LA

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