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Wednesday, 30 January 2008

I'm LIVE Thursday!

Hey guys, join me Thursday for my live show. Try to sign on a few minutes before hand. We've been experiencing some issues with some people not getting in because its maxed or some other reasons. If this is the case, E-mail support@brenteverett.com with the specs of your computer along with the version of your browser with a brief explanation of what happens to you or what you see.



Lagoah said...

You are the best, man.
Sorry for my english but I'm Spanish & I don't speak english much..
Eres muy bueno, ya no solo como actor porno, sino como actor en sí. Hace poco vi la peli de "Schoolboy Crush", y me gustó mucho tu interpretación de el tipico "chico malo".
Sigue trabajando así! :D
Un saludo!

Seeyou in the movies! xD

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