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Monday, 29 December 2008

New Year's Eve Bash at RUSH, NYC

Hey guys, my holidays in the Cayman Islands are over and I'm going to be back in the the States for New Year's Eve. The party at Splash earlier this December was such a success, they asked me to come back to host the New Year's Eve Mega Party but this time at RUSH! Will I see you there? Come talk to me! :-)

Happy New Year!
- Brent

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Sunday, 28 December 2008

Nominated for 2 Cybersocket Awards VOTE NOW!!!!


Vote for Brent before December 31st. He's nominated in two categories: Best Live XXX Show and Best Porn Star Site. Click on either image or the following link, and you'll go straight to the ballot page - http://www.cybersocketwebawards.com/vote.php.

But hurry, there aren't many days left to make your voice heard! And, in order to maximize your voices, if you have more than one email account, cast a vote with each one! ;-)

Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Hi everyone,

I want to wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from the Cayman Islands in the Caribbean where Steve and I are visiting with my parents. We're having a wonderful holiday season so far, and got away from New York City just before the big snow falls that are causing so much havoc all over the Northern States and Canada.

I've been told that even Seattle, Victoria and Vancouver, all of which usually don't see much snow, are suffering. To all of you, my sympathies. I wish you too could be on a tropical island with white sand and blue-green water. Hang in there, guys!

Again, all the best to you wherever you are, and I'll be seeing you early in 2009.

- Brent

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

New York City - Day 2

Eric Rhodes, Mike Warner, Steve Pena & Brent Everett

New York City is amazing. I can see why they call it the city that never sleeps. It never does. There is always something going on and some big thing happening. Justice, Steve & I are loving it! Mike or Go Go Mike as he's known here in NYC has been awesome and has taken care of us while being here. Here's how our day 2 went:

First off SPLASH Campus Thursdays is where we will end up. We started the pre-party with Justice going to a Mexican Restraunt down the street called Arriba Arriba. She ordered us Mexican and had large Margaritas. She came back to the apartment with a good ass buzz:-)

Then got ready for the club event at Splash. We got picked up in a stretched Limo and went down times square in Style. We drank some Vodka and had fun all the way to the club. Once we arrived the staff took good care of us. Alan & Chris Ryan were great. Our friend Keiffer joined us once inside. Kieffer is a great guy who once lived in San Diego but now lives here in NYC. If you need a good hair cut, go see him;-)

There was a Telemundo guy filming a documentary the entire night so everywhere I went he was there recording. It was a little funny but cool. Eric Rhodes was also there and said hi. He's a great porn star. Nice guy and good personality. Justice performed Ida Corr's "Let me think about it" and opened for me before I went on stage. She was flawless and did San Diego proud!

We stayed for one more dance number with the showers. Splash has a dance floor with a long shower and it makes for a very wild stage show. The whole night had me worn out and we ended up going back to Mike's place where we had a little after party. A whole group of us all sat on his bed and talked and drank it up. We ended up breaking Mike's bed and not from what you think... lol. Ten people on one bed gets a little heavy.

- to be continued...

Friday, 12 December 2008

New York City - Day 1

December 10, Day 1: Steve, Justice and I meet an awesome gay flight attendant who takes care of us on our trip to NYC. He was really cool and friendly.
We arrive in NYC at JFK Airport and it's cold! Rainy too. The jet lag starts breaking down my immune system. Plus the change in weather, like the rain and freezing temps, make it worse. By tomorrow, I'll be sick as a dog. But I'm too excited to care.
As soon as we arrived in Manhattan we changed and walked to Times Square. Our digs are literally a few blocks away. Steve & Justice were in complete joy. They have never been to NYC before. Once we walked through Times Square, it was like being in a movie. You see it on TV all the time but it's a whole other thing being in the centre of it in real time.
We saw all the famous signs from coke, abc news, and the all the Broadway signs. I can see why they call it the city that never sleeps. Clubs are open late, people are always on the streets. There's always something going on which makes it so much fun.
After Times Square we went out to a couple of cool spots. One being the Ritz. We met so many cool people including Dave, the owner of Rush, abc, Chris Ryan. The promoter of the event at Splash. We stayed an hour drinking and lying low.
After our shot of patron it was time to go and get some sleep. It was pouring at the time and we'd lost our umbrella, so we ran a couple of blocks back to our friend Mike's place. Wet, cold and a little tipsy. :-) Went to bed.
I'll let you know how Day 2 goes. Steve & I are loving it so far!


Sunday, 7 December 2008







SPLASH - 50 West 17th St. (Bet.5th-6th Ave) NYC 10PM

Print out the Ad and get in for free till 1am. Come on over on Thursday, December 11th and talk to me! :-)
- Brent

Friday, 5 December 2008

Live from Sin City this Saturday

Guys, please note the time change. The webcam from Las Vegas will be at 5 pm Pacific, 8 pm Eastern, and 1 am Sunday, London (UK) time. For more details, please check the calendar page of my website (accessible to all).
See you tomorrow?
- Brent

Thursday, 4 December 2008

I Heart New York

My LIVE Show on December 11th will be from New York City boys.  I have a show that night at Splash and I hope you guys that are around come out and see me.  

Brent Everett

What Happens in Vegas...

...Stays in Vegas!

Hey Guys,
 I'm going to Las Vegas for the weekend for a little R & R but I'll be working there too, just a little.  I've never been and I'm so excited about it.  I'm gonna gamble just a little, and see the sites more. I can't wait to see the shows!  If you're there I just might see you:-)

Brent Everett

Brent Everett comes to SPLASH NYC

VIDEO: Prop 8 - The Musical feat Jack Black and many other hollywood stars

The hilarious people at "Funny of Die" have put out a new video, "Prop 8 - The Musical." The star-studded participants include Jack Black, Neil Patrick Harris, Margaret Cho, John C. Reilly, Maya Rudolph and many more familiar faces.

See more Jack Black videos at Funny or Die

Taking it up the ass!

Wednesday, 3 December 2008

More December News!

As part of my December travels and appearances in New York State, on December 17th I'll be at DELUXE WEDNESDAYS in Levittown, NY at 2686 Hempstead Turnpike. Take a look at their website and also these posters. See you there?
- Brent

Monday, 1 December 2008

BrentEverett.com Server Update

We now have more information about the server problems that affected BrentEverett.com last Friday evening and Saturday morning. The company hosting our website had major server problems that closed down a number of the websites it hosts. In order to bring our website back up, they had to use a backup that was a few days old, resulting in some lost information. While we were able to re-upload the changes the website had undergone during the previous few days immediately, the restoration process also affected about a dozen new members of BrentEverett.com.

If you joined the website through CCBill or Verotel during the past few days and cannot login, it's because your login information is not in the backed up database. Here's what to do -

Send an email to support@brenteverett.com (with a copy to brent@brenteverett.com). Include as much of the following information as you can:
1) your name
2) your username
3) your password
4) the email address you used to subscribe
5) the date you subscribed

Doing this will make it easier to identify you with CCBill or Verotel and allow you to be added manually to the subscriber database on the server.

Please give us a day or so after you send us your info to sort things out. Thanks for your understanding and patience.


Saturday, 29 November 2008

Both chats are on for today.

Hello everyone,

Brent, Steve and I have just tested the chat software to see if audio and video are streaming properly from Tampa, Florida. Everything is working well. So the Yahoo Chat is on for 12 noon Pacific, 3 pm Eastern and 8pm London (UK) time. The live Webcam will follow immediately afterwards at about 1pm Pacific, 4pm Eastern and 9pm London (UK) time. As you know, Brent and Steve are in Tampa today where Brent is appearing tonight at the G.Bar.


Our Server is back up!

It's 12:26 am Pacific Time on Saturday morning, November 29th and we're back up. Yay!! If nothing else goes wrong between now and noon, the Yahoo Chat should start as planned, and the Live Webcam show at 1pm Pacific time as posted on the website.

Keep your fingers crossed everyone, and let's all visit with Brent in the afternoon.


Friday, 28 November 2008

BrentEverett.com Server is down

If you've been trying to access Brent's website since about 4 pm Pacific time and are getting an error message, it's because the server at the web hosting company where BrentEverett.com is hosted has gone down. We're in contact with the company and hope they'll sort out whatever the problem is shortly.

Don't worry, it's not the website itself, just the server. So, as soon as the server is back up, BrentEverett.com will be as well. Brent and Steve are currently on their way to Tampa, Florida, and are aware of what's happened. I'll be keeping you informed of anything new.

I'm sorry about any inconvenience this is causing you.



This Saturday see me LIVE at GBar in Tampa Florida

Hope you guys had a great Thanksgiving Holiday and now it's time to work off all those calories.  Come out and dance at GBar in Tampa Florida and see me LIVE on stage while you're there.  GBar is the hottest night club in Tampa Bay!

Also, don't forget to chat live with me early on Saturday and then join me for my LIVE WEB Show right after the yahoo chat. 

Brent Everett

Thursday, 27 November 2008

Brent Chats with his Yahoo Fan Group

SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 29TH is the day for my next text chat with the members of my Yahoo Fan Group. It'll be at 12 noon Pacific, 3 pm Eastern and 8 pm London (UK) time, one hour before my next Live Webcam for members of BrentEverett.com.

All the details (links to access the chat page and timings) for both chats are on the Calendar page of my website and also on the frontpage of my Yahoo Group.

I'll be in Tampa, Florida on the weekend, so the Yahoo Chat and the Webcam will be from there. I hope many of you can come to chat with me, I'm really looking forward to it.

In the meantime, if you're American have a great Thanksgiving today, guys! And if you're anywhere else in the world have a great Thursday (or Friday, if you're on the other side of the globe). :-)

See you in two days,
- Brent

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Coming Soon to NYC in DECEMBER

Hey guys, here's the teaser ad for the month of DEC from SPLASH in NYC. I'll be there DEC 11th I'll be doing much much more while I'm there. It'll be a big tour of NY. Check back for more info.


Tuesday, 25 November 2008

It's Halloween in Brent's Dungeon!

Hey guys,
Here's a few vidcaps from my latest webcam show to be posted to www.BrentEverett.com. It was Halloween weekend and I was all alone in my dungeon and on fire for sex - blood just doesn't do it for Cock Dracula! :-) So I came out of my coffin (the set took me two days to construct) and had to do it all by myself. The results were quite spectacular. Take a peek!
- Brent

See the Bingo Show LIVE Wed Nov. 26th

Want to play?

 Email Steve for your bingo card now before it's too late
If you miss this one, you can always request a card for next month.

LIVE from Tampa Bay, Florida

Hey Guys,
I'm going back to Florida this Friday and will be LIVE at G-Bar that night. But first, I'm going to be having my LIVE Yahoo Chat right before my LIVE Webcam Show. Hope to see you guy there! See flyer for details. I'll put up more info on the Yahoo Chat soon. But just know it's one hour before my LIVE WEBCAM Show. The chat is open to all yahoo fan members.


Saturday, 22 November 2008

Ride this cowboy! LIVE at G*Bar in Tampa Florida

Boys being Boys in raw form 2

Getting it good!

Classic Boys being Boys! 2

Prince William taking a piss


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